ALL ORDERS ARE CUSTOM MADE. ASK FOR COLORS. Hello. My name is Angela. I have three small children. I have two girls and a boy. I first learned how to crochet when i was young. My grandmother taught me just like she taught all of her grand daughters. I didn't really start enjoying crochet until i was older. I made hats and purses for myself. Recently i discovered that crocheting is an excellent way for me to relax. I opened my shop becuase i had so many projects and no where to put them. I am constantly thinking of new items to crochet. I currently have a large collection of hats for sale and a good size inventory of gloves. I am currently working on making new items. Crochet is my passion and it makes me happy. I hope this winter season you will come to me for all your cold weather fashion items. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. My goal is to provide items that everyone wants. If you have any questions for me contact me through zibbet or You can also follow me on facebook at